Utopia Encuentro Milonguero: Durham Edition No. 1

The warm embraces, friendly atmosphere, beautiful music and delicious food that Utopia Encuentros are known for will come together at the beautiful Durham Armory, a fabulous venue in the middle of downtown Durham, North Carolina.

Date: February 16 – 19, 2023

Location: The Armory, 212 Foster St, Durham, North Carolina


  • For milonguero style dancers, only
  • Strict adherence to the “codigos” of a milonga (see below)
  • Gender balanced
  • Separate seating for leaders and followers
  • Traditional music, specifically from the Golden Age (1935–1955)
  • Registration required – no payment until acceptance
  • Sunday dinner
  • Wine, appetizers and snacks served throughout the weekend. 

Codigos (encuentro etiquette):

  • Invitation by cabeceo/mirada, only
  • Entering the dance floor respecting those already dancing
  • No teaching on the dance floor
  • No high boleos, hard-hitting ganchos, jumps, leg sweeps, leg extensions, etc. in order to maintain a safe environment within the ronda
  • Leaving the dance floor during the cortina
  • Please refer to www.siempremilonguero.org for a comprehensive list (with explanations) of the codigos


  • Ability to stay connected to partner throughout the dance in a comfortable close embrace
  • Mastery of own axis and ability to track accurately partner’s axis – no pulling off axis
  • Focus on musical expression via compact dance figures rather than flashy moves
  • Mastery of floor navigation in order to create a safe dance environment and contribute to the constant and fluid movement of the ronda
  • Ease with all general vocabulary in both parallel and cross systems
  • Respect, experience and working knowledge of the codigos (above).


  • Forth coming …