Group classes get a “make-over”!

Fellow Utopians, we are delighted to announce that the group classes are getting a make-over! (Many thanks to all of you who shared your feedback!) Here’s what you need know before the next set of classes begins (October 13, details below):

  1. The Intermediate Class is by invitation only. This is to ensure that students have the skills necessary to engage with, and benefit from, the lessons. Contact Jae to find out if you have the pre-requisites.
  2. Students are welcome and encouraged to retake the beginner course as many times as they like, at no additional charge.  The course covers foundational material, and investing the time to refine and further develop your skills is strongly encouraged.
  3. Each class in the six-week course builds on the skills developed the week before. To foster a high-quality experience for all students, drop-in participation is discouraged. This six-week course is $80 ($50 for university students with ID).
  4. On-line registration. The link will be posted by October 09. Please register if you plan to attend the classes.
  5. Class will meet Thursdays, starting October 13, and run for six-weeks, in the “Upstairs Studio” at Triangle Dance Studios (TDS), 2603 S. Miami Blvd, Durham.
  6. The Beginner Class meets 6:00 – 7:00pm
    The Intermediate Class runs 7:10 – 8:10pm
  7. All students are encourage to stay for the practica, 8:15 – 10:30pm, $5 for students paying the course fee.

Beginner class. During the six-week course we will work on “the basics”, including: posture, embrace, body awareness, basic steps, pivots, connection, and walk in cross system. We will explore musicality, vals, and the milonga. All dance levels will be able to benefit from this class. Students are welcome to repeat the beginner class at no additional charge.

Intermediate class: “Playing Footsie”. We’ll explore various way to use and play with foot contact, including: the Barida (“the sweep”), El Sanguchito (“the sandwich”), the Parada (“the stop”), the Pasada (“the passover”). Participation is by invitation only: contact Jae to ask if you have the pre-requisites.

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