Urgent Attention: COVID-19

Tango Utopia has decided to suspend our involvement in tango activities until the Covid-19 crisis is over. That includes Thursday Practica, Milonga Utopia, and Monday group classes. According to studies it would only take one individual to be infected for it to spread to our entire community. Not just dancers but every family members, coworkers or even people you meet on the street. It is simply not worth the risk. Please be safe and understanding during this crisis. Thank you for your continued support, please check Tangoutopia.com for updates and more information. And please follow guidelines that are being put out by public health, most of all avoid physical contact. 

We are starting this week, so no Practica this Thursday and no milonga on Saturday! 

Let’s continue to keep our tango spirit up and stay healthy until we embrace each other again….. 

Best regards with a big hug,

Team Utopia 

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