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Free lesson @ Open Eye Cafe

Jae is giving a free lesson @ Open Eye Cafe this Friday.

Do not miss this chance and please come by!

8 – 9 Free Lesson

9 – 11:30 Miloga

Admission: $5.00

New Class Schedule

Dear All,

Break time is over time to get some new moves for 2013. The new class schedule
starts on the 7th for both new and intermediate dancers. All level class will
start at 7 pm to 8 pm follow by practica from 8pm to 9pm for both classes(all
level and intermediate). The intermediate class will start from 9pm to 10pm. I
encourage any experience dancers to come and help with the new dancers and also
stay for the free practica!



Dance tango and dream of utopia

Milonga Utopia – Jan. 12th.

Happy New Year everyone!!! Thanks for your wonderful support in 2012. It was such a great year for dancing so lets make 2013 even better. The monthly milonga

Utopia is this Saturday at TDS starts from 9pm to 2am and the DJ will be our own
Katia Singletary known for her wonderful music. It will be held in the back
studio. This year has a great potential so lets start it off with a show
of tango energy. Our door prize will be as always a bottle of bubbly and I
encourage everyone to bring their favorite beverage and their bring most
comfortable shoes ( if you don’t know bring several to try out). Thank you all
for great support and looking forward to seeing you on the 12th @ milonga