Welcome to Tango Utopia


My name is Jae Grisham and my goal is to promote and teach Argentine Tango. My initial exposure to Tango in the Triangle was extremely positive. My instructor, Jason, made me feel welcome and it was a very pleasurable social experience. And I am committed to providing the same experience for my students. I have been involved with Tango in the Triangle for nine years. And have been teaching Tango from beginning classes through advanced on a weekly basis since August of 2010. To improve my own technique and teaching skills I have gone to festivals and workshops across the country to learn from some of the best professional instructors available. My training has been both intense and extensive in private lessons as well as group workshops. My intention is to teach Tango by emphasizing and blending the physical, mental, and musical properties of the dance. All are essential and when done from the beginning allow the student to experience the dance at an enhanced intensity.
Tango is an expression of life. It brings out a person’s ability to express themselves in nonverbal ways. It helps them to communicate with themselves, their partner, and their surroundings. Teaching Tango leaves me with great deal of satisfaction, and it is my desire to help all my students feel the same. In short, Tango is fun and my goal is to share this feeling with all.

In recent years I have started providing music for Milongas. This has added another dimension to the overall Tango experience. Djing at festivals, Milongas and Tango marathons from Chicago to Atlanta has helped to put me more in touch with the musicality of Tango from the classics to nuevo. Since music is the basis for the dance it has made me a better teacher. I would like to see everyone try Tango it may change their outlook on life as it has mine.

Some of tango masters who I studied with,

  • Alicia Pons
  • Brigitta Winkler
  • Tomas Howlin
  • Alex Krebs
  • Nick Jones & Diana Cruz
  • Fabian Salas & Lola Diaz
  • Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda
  • Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes
  • Sebastian Jimenez & Maria Ines Bogado
  • Javier Rodriguez & Noelia Barsi
  • Andres Monlia
  • Homer & Christina Ladas
  • Virginia Pandolfi
  • Luis Rojas
  • Oscar Casas
  • Ana Miguel