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Marathon at Valhalla! Meal schedule!

Tomorrow, brunch will be served at 11 a.m. and dinner will start at 5:30 p.m. Remember the color of ypur wristbands. We will have four seatings for dinner as follows: 5:30 – purple, 6:00 – blue, 6:30 – silver, 7:00 yellow and green.

Learning Switch for Tango!!! A class before Thursday practica ( 12/15)

Dear, All

Join us for special class about how to turn on your brains Learning Switch for tango!

Tango is a dance of passion and intimacy. An improvised conversation expressed through the couples connection to each other, their individual and collective connection to the music and their relationship to the floor. Movement is the language of the brain, so how can we use this unique dance to turn on the brains LEARNING SWITCH to improve our dance and life?

We will dance, play and explore how the brain and body grow talent by moving away from “typical” tango technique exercises.
We will discuss the nervous systems involvement for learning and connection.
We will explore expression and listening through partnered work.
…and we will dance in order to notice any changes.

Judah Page is a tango dancer, a devoted student of life, an ISMETA Registered Therapist and Educator and a Certified Brain Health Coach by The Amen Clinics. With her in depth knowledge Judah works to create a fun learning environment where bio-plasticity is fostered to provide life enriching results. Her drive comes form 20 years experience and the deep seeded desire to help people re-member health and vitality to embrace their birthright, their human potential.

  • Cost $10
  • When : 6:30 to 7:30  15th, December 
  • Where : TDS( 2603 S. Miami Blvd Durham) upstairs studio 

No December Milonga Utopia!

There is no December Milonga Utopia this Saturday, 10th!

We are getting ready for our New Year’s marathon at Valhalla!!! 

Happy holidays to everyone! 

Note: Thursday practica will continue! 

Our New Monday Six week series will start on 9th, January!