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Oscar Workshop Registration is opened

Two important things to keep in mind tonight. First, make sure your clocks are set an hour ahead if you did not do it yesterday – otherwise you will be late to work. Second, and most important, the Oscar Casas workshop registration is opened , so do your thing and sign up!

Milonga Utopia update

Greetings from Buenos Aires. Due to my absence, this month’s milonga will be hosted by Cecil and Iryna as part of the workshop this weekend. 

Time, place are same it’s $15 at the door! 

Oscar workshop page has opened

Oscar Casas workshop page has been opened. Registration opens March. 13th.

And here is a video to enjoy while we’re waiting.


New tango 6 week series starts on April 10th!!!

There is no Monday class until our new series starts on April,10th! 

There is Monday practica for beginner/intermediate students from March 6 to April 3 at 7:30 to 9:30 pm organize by Triangle Tango! 
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