Jae offers both group classes and private lessons, and a weekly práctica.  No partner is required.


Every Thursday, 8:15 – 10:45pm, at the Triangle Dance Studio (TDS), in the “Upstairs Studio”, at 2603 S. Miami Blvd, Durham, NC.  The fee is $10 ($5 for students with ID).

Students are strongly encouraged to attend; the práctica will help develop your skills.  All experienced dancers throughout the Triangle are encouraged to participate to both refine their skills and contribute to the learning process of the newer dancers.

Group Classes

Tango Utopia  offers both beginner and intermediate classes.  Each class meets weekly, and for six weeks.  Each series will develop your skills cumulatively, so you should register only if your schedule will permit you to attend all the classes (excepting emergencies, of course). 

Pre-register for the current sessions here: Class pre-registration form

Beginner class with Aidan Huene

This class will lay the foundation for your tango dance.  We will develop “the fundamentals”, including posture, embrace, body awareness, basic steps, pivots, connection, and walk in cross system (asymmetry). We will explore musicality, including vals and the milonga in addition to discussing the social and cultural aspects of how tango is danced socially today.

Dancers of all levels may benefit from this experience. Students are welcome and encouraged to repeat the beginner class at no additional charge.

Current class schedule:
     March 7 – Posture, Weight Shift, and the Walk
     March 14 – Parallel and Cross System (Symmetry vs Asymmetry)
     March 21 – The Cross
     March 28 – Rock steps
     April 4 – Molinete (Giro)
     April 11 – Session Review and Surprise Class

Partner not required to attend. Open role (dual role) welcome. All weekly topics are tentative and subject to change at the discretion of the instructor.

Intermediate class with Jae Youn

The Intermediate class covers a range of advanced skills, and is run in the style of a working seminar, with the focus determined by the goals and interests of the participants.  This class is for students who are fluent in the foundational elements of tango, and is by invitation only.  If you are interested, contact Jae to ask about pre-requisites.

Current class schedule:
    March 7th – April 11th
     7:15-8:15 pm TDS Upstairs studio

Group class logistics

  • The current class schedule and registration information are posted on the home page.  (If you do not find it, please contact Jae.) 
  • Each class is $80 (for the six-week series), and $60 for students with an ID.
  • Classes are held at the Triangle Dance Studio (TDS), in the “Upstairs Studio”, at 2603 S. Miami Blvd, Durham, NC.

Private Lessons

A one-hour private lesson ( one person or couple) $80 in Durham and one-hour private at Jae’s home studio (in Garner, NC) is $70. Jae also offers semi-privates for small group.  To schedule a private, contact Jae.