*** All the Classes on Tuesday and Practica on Thursday will be held at TDS upstairs studio

Triangle Dance Studio (2603 S. Miami Blvd Durham, NC ) 


Beginners (6 weeks)

August 3 – September 8

6:30 – 7:30 Pm Beginner class 

Intermediate (6 weeks)

August 3- September 8 

7:30-8 Pm Class Practica 

8-9 Pm Intermediate/ Essential class 


Monday Práctica


Thursday Práctica

Thursday 7:30-10:30 pm ($10) 

Vaccination is required! 

Ongoing practica ( Every Thursday)

Beginners (6 weeks)

During the six-week course we will concentrate and work on the basics such as posture, embrace, body awareness, basic steps, pivots, connection, and walk in cross system. We will explore musicality, vals, and the milonga. This basic course will prepare the beginning dancer for the next level of creating and exploring the dance. All dance levels will be able to benefit from this experience.


Individuals: $15 per class; $60 for the series

Couples: $30 per class; $100 for the series

Intermediates (6 weeks)

The Intermediate class is for developing techniques like core strength, extension, balance, open and close embrace, connection, walking in and out of cross and parallel system, pivoting, and expansion. This class is ideal for beginners to intermediate dancers and also advanced dancers who want to work on their technique and improve their basic element.

For current series, we’ll explore the ideas of Calecita, lápiz, barrida… 


Individuals: $15 per class; $60 for the series

Couples: $30 per class; $100 for the series


The práctica will reinforce what was taught during the lesson. All experienced dancers throughout the Triangle are encouraged to participate to both refine their skills and contribute to the learning process of the newer dancers.

* No partner is necessary
Private Lesson available for single, couple. Semi private is also available
Price : one hour lesson for single or couple is $80 (studio rental fee include) TDS ( 2603 S. Miami Blvd Durham) 
$60 if I give lesson at my home studio( no studio rental fee)  in Garner. 
Contact for private lesson at